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Super-8 Scriptwriting.

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The biggest stumbling block with most potential Super-8 projects is the script. The Scriptwriter is generally clueness about the advantages and weaknesses in shooting a Super-8 feature. Many times the Director is also unaware that the Super-8 format has to be catered to for it to be a benefit to the overall filmmaking process.

Usually the Director of Photography is the person who has the best understanding of what the limitations and strengths are of the super-8 format. However, since the D.O.P. neither wrote or directed the film, they may have a difficult task explaining to the director and screenwriter why a scene will or won't work in Super-8.

The independent film project Dali, Dali, Dali has benefited from the lead actor, Levani Uchaneishvili being adept at directing, acting, and even art direction, and finally, a keen student of Dali, which he is bringing to the screen in each and every scene.

Decoy For Terror
Types of stories that would work well in Super-8.

One strategy a scriptwriter may use to write a script for the Super-8 format would be to visualize a young Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, or Andy Richter type as the main actor. Suddenly it's easy to see that as long as the camera is primarily trained on the lead actor, everything else will fall into place.

Another strategy would be to write a script with a "Chuck Norris" type of protagonist action hero. Shooting lots of action cutaways can be done very quickly in the super-8 format, and there are many slow motion super-8 cameras as well.

The lead actors in the film Clerks would translate well to the Super-8 format. The one downfall would be that some exchanges go on for quite some time, and the 150 second or 200 second cartridges might not be long enough for more than one take. However, film cartridges can be labeled as to identify how much footage is remaining and then simply swapped out with a fresh film cartridge, the swapped out cartridge can be used later on for a shorter scene. However, if the remaining footage can be shot at the same location that can save time during the film transfer session.

Westerns would work well in Super-8 if the locations and wardrobe are readily available. If you live near a "Western" movie lot that has down time then you already have added production value to your film, provided the daily rate for the location is affordable and that there are local rooming accomodations for all of your talent and crew.

Another intriguing possibility would be to film a theatrical musical with Super-8, including opera. An effective style of drama for a Super-8 feature is the protagonist in fear that some evil awaits them around the next corner. This techique allows for less dialogue to be used and for more cinematic techniques to be incorporated.

Decoy For Terror
The Simple Rule to follow...

The Simplest Rule to follow is the story is about the actor in the story. Find as many locations that lend themselves to matching the actor of your movie AND that don't require huge set designing or lighting configurations. - Super-8mm Low Budget Feature Filmmaking Techniques

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