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Kodak quick link to worldwide Super-8, 16mm and 35mm Film Labs. After Clicking on the link just fill in the box choices for the film formats you are interested in, no registration required. Kodak World Wide Contact Information

Important info about Dwaynes Lab in Parsons, Kansas. Dwaynes lab in Parsons, Kansas will only process Super-8 kodachrome 40 through the end of the year 2010. Please contact them with any processing questions. As of March 19, 2010, Dwaynes was still processing Super-8 kodachrome 40 two to four times a week.

Three Super-8 labs in the Los Angeles Area offer several super-8 film related services. All three are located in the San Fernando Valley. The San Fernando Valley is a suburb of Los Angeles, California, and Super-8 filmmakers who live in the area have several options available to them. Spectra Film and Video , Yale Labs and Pro 8mm Film, all offer several super-8 services. Each place has a Super-8 Film Lab. Spectra Film and Video is perhaps the best at Transferring film to video, while Yale does a fine job of processing both Black and White and Color Reversal Film stocks in all film gauge sizes. Pro 8mm Film does both 8mm negative and reversal film processing and even loads their own super-8 film, but not everyone is impressed with the freshness of the film they load or their processing. ALPHA CINE LAB., located in Seattle, Washington, probably does the best Super-8mm negative processing on the west coast and perhaps anywhere in the world! You may want to call in first to set up an account, or you can download their lab order form after you click on the link I have provided above. If you plan on having your processed, color negative super-8 film transferred by either Spectra Film and Video , or Yale Labs , you can bring the unprocessed color negative super-8 film into either Spectra or Yale and work out the shipping details (to ALPHA CINE LAB.) with them. Since these two film labs will be getting the film back so they can get it ready for transfer to video, it's still one stop shopping for the Los Angeles area super-8 filmmaker. Flying Spot Film Transfer (also known as FSFT) on the West coast (located near Alpha Cine in Washington) also offers a wide range of Super-8 to Video Transfer Services including Super-8 to HD. Flying Spot Film Transfer works with Alpha Cine as well. You can request one of the Los Angeles area film labs use Alpha Cine for super-8 film negative processing, but be prepared to wait a week or slightly longer to get your film processed and returned to the local lab you brought your film to.

Spectra Film and Video sells FRESH Kodak Film Stock in all sizes and is also open on Saturdays until 5 PM! Spectra Processes all film stock guages, preps Film for Video Transfers, rents Super-8 Cameras, sells Super-8 accessories and books, repairs and services Super-8 cameras, and has a very high quality Rank Cintel Transfer System. Plus they do try and find time for their customers questions. Yale Labs sells film stock, processes film, rents super-8 cameras, and may even have a small shooting studio as well and they too try to find time for their customers questions.

It is this websites opinion that Spectra Film and Video probably has the most up to date rank cintel transfer machine and because of that probably provides the best quality for transfering Super-8 to video of the three facilities. Yale Labs is pretty competitive as well. I can't vouch one way or another for Pro 8mm Film, , although Pro 8mm Film, does have the ability to now go to Hd. However if you have a bad experience at Pro-8mm or aren't sure you were treated fairly, don't give up on Super-8, try Spectra Film and Video or Yale Labs first.

Super-8 Time Exposure of the letter P
Super-8 Rank Cintel with WetGate

For Super-8 Rank Transfer services that don't have a film lab, Film and Video Transfers is the best I've personally seen and they also offer Wetgate Transfer Services which helps reduce the visibility of film scratches and dust particles. Film and Video Transfers also has tape to tape duplication services. Film and Video Transfers also does video professional video conversions from several broadcast quality video formats including older analog video formats such as one inch video, Betacam SP, 3/4 inch video, super-vhs and 8mm video, plus virtually all of the newer digital formats as well including Digital Betacam, DVC-Pro 50 and mini-dv and DV-CAM.
Google "Super-8 Labs & Services" if you don't live in Los Angeles. Super-8 Labs and Film Transfer facilities can be found on the West Coast, Midwest, and East Coast portions of the United States, as well as in other parts of the world. "Do it Yourself" Film Transfer Systems are also available for purchase. While a Do it Yourself set-up probably won't deliver the identical quality as a professional lab or Rank Cintel Film Transfer facility can deliver, some people prefer the "Do it Yourself" option because they don't feel as time-pressured since they are not paying a facility an hourly rate during their transfer session. However, "Do It Yourself" can be both a blessing and a curse when it comes to owning your own Super-8 transfer set-up. The blessing is once you have properly set-up your DIY system, you truly are your own boss. However, the downside is the more you learn, the more equipment you will crave. You may find yourself continually buying more and more electronic gear as you continually upgrade the quality of your DIY film transfer system, and you may wince at your earlier efforts as compared to what you can now do.

I personally have never desired a Do It Yourself film transfer system. Most Super-8 Rank Cintel Film Transfer Facilities have spent over a hundred thousand dollars on their transfer system and their level of investment and expertise should translate into a quality film transfer job that you would expect for your project. It's safe to say that when it comes to Super-8 film Transfers, the ultra serious Super-8 Filmmaker to the ultra independent "Do It Yourself Filmmaker", there are Super-8 lab and film transfer options for every level of Super-8 filmmaker.

Super-8 Time Exposure of the letter K
Specialty Super-8 Facilities

There appears to be growth occuring in the super-8 transfer to video industry. This is both good, and bad. The good news is more super-8 transfer facilities might ensure cheaper prices and more choices for the super-8 filmmaker plus it helps keep the super-8 guage alive and contemporary.

The problem is this, the super-8 facilities that go the extra mile and actually offer film processing, camera rentals, and camera repair can only be full service because they also offer super-8 transfer services. If the facilities that offer film processing are not supported, then why should Kodak continue to sell super-8 film if no one is processing it? Loading film into a Super-8 film cartridge is a thankless, stressful job and only becomes profitable if a lab has a transfer business to go along with it, that is why I commend Spectra Film and Video for loading their own low ASA color Reversal Super-8 film stocks such as Velvia 50 and kodak Ektachrome 100D. These two film stocks really round out the palette of Super-8 films available to the super-8 filmmaker.

I'm not suggesting one automatically go to a super-8 film processing lab all the time for their film transfers, but it does make sense to bring them some of your film transfer business otherwise the whole super-8 processing infrastructure can fall apart if there are not enough labs processing super-8 film.

Spectra Film and Video can also act as a drop ship location for you. If you reside near Los Angeles and want your kodachrome super-8 film sent to Dwaynes for processing, Spectra Film and Video can handle the shipping details for you. - Super-8mm Low Budget Feature Filmmaking Techniques

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